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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical
Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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ELF BAR TE6000 Puffs 5% Reachable

Original price Dhs. 45.00 - Original price Dhs. 400.00
Original price
Dhs. 45.00
Dhs. 45.00 - Dhs. 400.00
Current price Dhs. 45.00

ELF BAR TE6000 Puffs 5% 

Green Apple Blackcurrant

The aroma crisp green apples will get you hooked at first puff. If you take a long draw, you will easily appreciate the background layer of juicy blackcurrants full of vibrance and tang. 

Strawberry Ice

Gorgeous sweet strawberries will gush over your tongue with a one-of-a-kind strawberry flavour that is guaranteed to please you. This strawberry ice possesses an excellent fruity aroma and thick, delightful taste. With the addition of a light cooling menthol chill on the exhale, it will send you to strawberry heaven on the very first puff. Really good. 

Strawberry Juicy Peach

Savour the awesome strawberry taste from elf bar carefully intermingled with the taste of juicy peaches. Crisp yellow peaches are an obvious and present flavour in this carefully blended mix that will saturate your tongue with its delicious flavour. 

Cool Mint

A blast of cool mint - chilly, breezy with a wintry feel that is capable of cooling you down at the peak of summer. For fans of the arctic coldness. Be prepared to put on your winter jacket after vaping this one. 

Cola Ice

Fizzy bubbly cola. You can expect a realistic and authentic cola taste with this magnificent flavour, accented with a chilly menthol blast.

Grape Honeydew

We get a strong honeydew melon with this one, with a fresh, succulent taste just dripping with honeydew flavour. The grape is more in the background with this one adding a fruity tangy aroma. 

Peach Mango Watermelon

Crispy peaches, aromatic mangoes and luscious watermelon make for a trifecta of fruity flavours that reminds you of a fruity punch. Tropical in taste with more forward notes of peach and mango, this lovely vape will have you salivating each time you need to take a break. If you are looking for something fruity that has complex and exquisite taste, this could be it. 

Cranberry Grape

Sourish and tangy cranberries form the perfect complement too juicy and bouncy table grapes. Exquisite in nature with an unmistakable grape forward flavour, the addition of cranberries will pucker up your lips at its tanginess. 

Popcorn Caramel

Unmistakable crunchy popcorn is what we get in this one. Next comes a sharp and sweet caramel that does not overpower the popcorn taste. Great to hit the spot when you want something dessert flavoured. 

Vanilla Ice Cream

Sensational vanilla ice cream, Elf Bar really does their ice cream flavours so well. You get a gentle blast of coldness with this ice cream that is just yummy, with an authentic vanilla aroma and taste.

Vanilla Custard

A deep and heavy custard with an authentic vanilla aroma and flavour. Your tongue will be able to feel the velvety and luscious creamy sensation that simply glides over your tongue.

Winter Melon

Elf Bars latest flavour featuring a succulent and not overly sweet honeydew melon with an icy mentholated blast.

Juicy Peach

Expect sweet georgia peaches, full of juicy peach nectar. Puff away on this for an ultimate peach experience that guarantees your satisfaction. With a dash of cooling menthol that elevates the overall peachy flavours.

Green Apple Blackcurrant

One of the latest additions to the elf bar 6,000 line up, be amazed by crunchy granny smith green apples with a dash of your childhood favourite blackcurrants. Sourish and tangy with a pleasant mentholated exhale.

Lime Cactus

Zesty zesty limes mixed with cactus? WHAT? Get juicy green limes with its signature refreshing tanginess with a slithery smooth cactus vibe in the background that adds texture and a juicy mouthfeel to the limes

Sakura Grape

Partly flowery with a unique touch, sakura cherries with its signature rosy tang is paired wonderfully with the sweetness of crunchy grapes. With the added menthol boost, it makes for an adventurous flavour that is becoming more common these days. Once you try sakura grape, we’re sure you’ll likely to embrace it with arms wide open.

Pecan Butter

Delicious buttery notes, smooth and silky with notes of perfectly roasted pecans make for a great after dinner dessert. No menthol in this one. 


Strawberry Mango

Like a strawberry mango starburst sweet, this combination will run riot in your mouth. Waves upon waves of flavour this tropical storm of two tropical flavours. Get caught in a typhoon of taste with this one.

Cinnamon Orange

A Christmas special introduced by ELF Bar globally, you can expect the dominant taste of zesty oranges with a dash of spicy cinnamon. For those that like that cinnamon aftertaste, this one is for you!

Taro Yam

Savoury and sweet yam gives a different and special taste to this. Taro Yam is a dessert inspired vape with a cool, potato-like texture that glides off the tongue with heavy notes of ube or yam like flavour. Super neat!

Grape Honeydew

Delicious honeydew is layered with a tangy grape flavour to delight your senses. A great fruity combination with strong succulent notes of honeydew but twisted with juicy grapes to provide a nice tangy vibe. Succulent!